Recruiting Mr. Darcy

2021 Wattys Shortlist

2021 October Wattpad's Editor's Pick

Ramadan is coming! And this means one thing: meetups in pursuit of marriage.

2021 Wattys Shortlist

Ameerah Bilgrami is the second daughter to Bilgramis-one of the wealthiest Desi families in Canada. Ameerah works with her father to hire men from South Asia on work permits and place them in the Canadian corporate world, but she detests working with Desi men. Being a successful entrepreneur, Ameerah is famous for rejecting proposals from Pakistani families, especially those who attend Bilgrami's Iftar parties during Ramadan, which in Ameerah's opinion, are the Halal versions of the balls from the Victorian Era. Now that the holy month is coming, Ameerah must find a solution to end this matrimonial charade. She must find a temporary Desi boyfriend for a month. She must recruit her very own Mr. Darcy.

Maaz Khan is a famous Pakistani chef-winner of Master Chef Canada 2016, who runs his restaurant in a Desi neighbourhood of Toronto. When Ameerah tastes Maaz's food for the first time, her prejudice against Pakistanis changes. Not only Maaz is an outstanding chef, but he is also gorgeously handsome-and single. With time, Ameerah realizes that Maaz is not a typical Desi man but someone her parents also admire.

Will Ameerah devise a plan to recruit Maaz for a month, or will her ruse conflict with her inner feelings for Maaz?

A humorous modern-day retelling of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, with Muslim meetups and Iftar parties where people have one motive: matrimony.